B i n o   I s   N o t   O x y d

Here is a source file for Bino (Bino Is Not Oxyd), an arcade game inspired in Dongleware's Oxyd™ Magnum. You'll need svgalib to compile it. My email is ondrej_certik@yahoo.com, so feel free to email me if you have any suggestions, complains or whatever else. All bitmaps are overlighted because I have a very dark monitor. I haven't thought about it yet. However, I should implement something like a gamma correction, and proceed all images at startup.

Some screenshots

(click to enlarge, in IE shift-click for new window)
Please overlook decreased quality, maybe dial-up users will appreciate...

Introduction, choosing level. Testing level, first items. Level 2; the white-blue blocks are passable.
A nice little level; width and height of one screen is limited to five. This level consists of four screens (following)... ...notice especially the space - it's a real foto from Hubble Space Telescope...
...looks easy to you?... ...then try it!

Last update: 27.7.2002
Authors: Ondrej Certik, Petr Certik.